* Carolyn Fern (*)
The Psychologist (The Psychologist)
Ermittler (Investigator)
6Ausdauer   9geistige Gesundheit   3Willenskraft   4Intellekt   2Kampf   2Beweglichkeit   

(* noch nicht auf deutsch erhältlich)


Front Reaction After one of your card effects heals horror from an investigator or Ally asset: The healed card's controller gains 1 resource.

Chaos Token effect: +1. You may heal 1 horror from an investigator or Ally asset at your location.

Back Deck Size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Guardian cards (Guardian) level 0-3, Neutral cards level 0-5, cards that "heal horror" level 0-5, up to 15 other Seeker and/or Mystic cards level 0-1 (Seeker and/or Mystic).

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Hypnotic Therapy, Rational Thought, 1 random basic weakness.

Additional Restrictions: No Weapon cards level 1-5.

1x 001 in Der gebrochene Kreis (The Circle Undone)


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